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With the steepest cog railway in Austria to the summit of the Schafberg (1.782 m)
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We are situated in one of Europe's most beautiful hiking regions!
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Doing & doing nothing

Carpe Diem (“Seize the day”) was recommended by the Roman poet Horace in 23 BC. At the Strandhotel Margaretha many activities are considered as a reason or motivation for a stay. But there are also very special passivities like doing nothing, let do or just being, which are elements of our everyday hotel life.

We would like to inspire you a little on our website. If you have special wishes or ideas, please feel free to contact us personally - we will be happy to advise you by email, by telephone at +43 6138 2379 , or by our Request form.

Always remember our slogan: “INHALE-EXHALE”: At the Strandhotel Margaretha everything is as easy and natural as breathing…

Let's live!

Margaretha Beachlife

In many aspects the Lake Wolfgangsee is seen as a “source of joy of life”

"Life is better on the beach”...

We love and live these principles. At the Margaretha Beach they can be perfectly experienced by our guests.

Concerning to our motto “INHALE – EXHALE”, the atmosphere on our beach is very relaxed and “easy going”. Just being, live simply, spend the day as a relaxing break from everyday life, unwind, read, surf the Internet, enjoy me- or we-time in the sun, take a ride on the Margaretha rowing boat or SUP (stand up paddle). In between swimming in the lake (Lake Wolfgangsee has drinking water quality and is one of the warmest bathing lakes in the Salzkammergut) or a cool drink from the Margaretha Bar for refreshment,…

Let's INHALE – EXHALE, be happy and join the Margaretha Beachlife!

Wolfgangseeschifffahrt Ferries

Only about 200 m from our hotel to the pier

The Ferries on Lake Wolfgang already existed in the Austrian monarchy and in the present days they connect the three Wolfgangsee villages St. Wolfgang, St. Gilgen and Strobl in a romantic way. The paddle steamer “Kaiser Franz Josef I.” began operations in 1873 and was praised as a “technical achievement” back then. The 33 m long nostalgic ship has been a star in numerous films. Today the fleet numbers six motor ships. The largest ship is the “Österreich” with a carrying capacity of 365 passengers.

The 7 destinations on Lake Wolfgang are: St. Wolfgang Schafbergbahn – St. Wolfgang Markt- Strobl – Gschwendt parking lot – Ried-Falkenstein – Fürberg – St. Gilgen. The journey from St. Gilgen to Strobl takes 1 hour and 15 minutes.

See a live image of the pier about 200 m next to our hotel by the Wolfgangseeschifffahrt Ferries Webcam.

All information, timetables and tariffs on the Wolfgangseeschifffahrt Ferries website.

Schafbergbahn Cog Railway

Only about 200 m from our hotel to the train station

The combination of mountains and lakes in the Salzkammergut is incomparable and nowhere else one can experience it as intensely as here. Our hotel is located directly next to the pier of the Wolfgangseeschifffahrt Ferries and the associated train station of the Schafbergbahn, which was re-opened in 2023 after renovation (the two transport companies are connected and are operated by Salzburg AG Tourismus GmbH).

It startet operation at the beginning of the 19th century, after nobles and gentlemen had “chair porters” carry them to the 1.783 m high summit of the Schafberg. Construction work on the railway began in 1892 and was completed only one year later.

Today the Schafbergbahn is considered the steepest COG railway in Austria. In 35 minutes, with a maximum gradient of 26%, it overcomes 1.190 meters in altitude and 5,85 km to the Schafberg summit. On a clear day you can see 13 lakes from there!

The historic cogwheel steam locomotives are among the oldest, operational locomotives in the world. But even with modern locomotives, a trip to the Schafberg summit is an unforgettable experience, being considered the most beautiful panoramic mountain in the Salzkammergut. When the weather is clear you have a 360° panoramic view over all the sparkling lakes towards to the Dachstein with its glacier or even up to the Großglockner, the highest mountain in Austria.

Enjoy the fascinating view from the summit with the Schafberg Summit Webcam.

All information, timetables and tariffs on the Schafbergbahn website.


The numerous excursion destinations in the popular Salzkammergut holiday region (in 2024 European Capital of Culture) and the city of Salzburg can be easily reached within a day from our hotel by car, bus, train, ferries and boats, bicycle, rental car or shuttle.

Feel free to use the Google Maps route planner for the individual planning of your excursions.

Or the websites of the 8 Salzkammergut regions Lake Wolfgangsee, Bad Ischl, Lake Fuschlsee, Lake Mondsee, Lake Traunsee, Lake Attersee, Ausseerland, Dachstein

Please click on the map to enlarge

LOCATIONS (distance & time by car):

  • Strobl: approx. 7 km / 10 min
  • Sankt Gilgen: approx. 18,8 km / 19 min
  • Bad Ischl: approx. 15 km / 20 min
  • Mondsee: approx. 34 km / 34 min
  • Hallstatt: approx. 40 km / 40 min
  • Obertraun: approx. 42 km / 45 min
  • Gosau: approx. 44 km / 45 min
  • Bad Aussee: approx. 45 km / 43 min
  • Gmunden: approx. 50 km / 50 min
  • Salzburg center: approx. 50 km / 50 min


  • Schafbergbahn, St. Wolfgang
  • Zwölferhorn Cable Car, St. Gilgen
  • Postalm Toll Road, Strobl
  • Katrin Cable Car, Bad Ischl
  • Dachstein Cable Car, Obertraun
  • Zwieselalm Cable Car, Gosau
  • Loser Bergbahn & Panorama-Straße, Altaussee
  • Grünberg Cable Car, Gmunden


  • White horse, St. Wolfgang
  • Pilgrimage Church, St. Wolfgang
  • Mozarthaus, St. Gilgen
  • Imperial Villa, Imperial Park & ​​Marmorschlössl, Bad Ischl
  • Leharvilla, Bad Ischl
  • Gosau Lakes, Gosau
  • Dachstein Ice Caves
  • Eisriesenwelt Werfen
  • Hallstatt and Hallein Salt Mines


  • Wellness Alm, St. Wolfgang
  • Kaisertherme, Bad Ischl
  • Kleefeld Zoo, Strobl
  • Falkenstein pilgrimage route and hermitage, St. Wolfgang / St. Gilgen
  • Abarena & Animal Village, Abersee
  • Summer Tobogganing, Abersee
  • Ferry for hikers and cyclists to Abersee (right next to our hotel)


We are located in one of the most beautiful hiking regions in Europe! Where the lakes of the Salzkammergut extend into the plains and foothills of the Alps, where the Dachstein Glacier in the south initiates the transition to the main Alpine ridge, where the appropriate seasons give each hike a different setting and where the landscape provides a backdrop for each scene, like in a nature-blockbuster.

Within the comfortable walking paths through the valley, up to the mountains and the high alpine climbing tours, there is a suitable, certainly incomparable experience for everyone. Recently, hiking as a trendy outdoor sport has also become cool and chic for young guests.

With your mobile phone, apps and wearables you can quickly and easily discover and experience all of the popular tours in the area. We have listed the best suggestions, linked sites and apps for you, based on our experience.

Classic hiking maps are available at our reception.

“Must Go” tour suggestions

Falkenstein pilgrimage route with hermitage | Bürgelstein-Weg Strobl | Abersee bird reserve area | Plombergstein St. Gilgen | Schafberg incl. train | Vormauerstein | Zwölferhorn incl. cable car | Bleckwand | Schober | Eibensee / Marienköpfl | Eisenau Alm | Schwarzensee | Postalm | Katrin incl. cable car | Dachstein incl. cable car


The beauty and diversity of the landscape around our hotel in the Salzkammergut can be experienced most intensively by bike. For hotel guests our own bikes are available (reservation at reception, no e-bikes). There are secure parking spaces and charging stations if you bring your own bicycles.

Regardless of whether you are a recreational cyclist, a racing bike professional, a mountain biker or an e-biker: the possibilities, routes and destinations in the area right next to our hotel are so rich that everyone will be happy with it.

Same like hiking, you can experience all common biking-tours in the area using your mobile phone, apps and wearables. We have listed the best suggestions, linked sites and apps for you, based on our experience.

“Must Bike” tour suggestions

Wolfgangsee tour(s) by bike & boat | Schwarzensee | Eisenau Alm | Postalm | To Bad Ischl & back | Zwölferhorn and Hofwandalm tours | Three Lakes Circuit | BergeSeen eTrail | Salzkammergut cycle trail


Playing golf at the Strandhotel Margaretha is in the genes of the Vogler family since generations. Ask for recommendations and insider tips.

In our experience, the following 5 golf courses are the most recommended in the area around our hotel (please follow the link to the website of the golf club):

GC Salzkammergut

Bad Ischl
km 10
from hotel
  • 18 hole

GC Mondsee

Mondsee, St. Lorenz
km 31
from hotel
  • 18 hole

GC Drachenwand

km 34
from hotel
  • 9 hole

GC Eugendorf

km 45
from hotel
  • 18 hole

GC Gut Altentann

Henndorf a. Wallersee
km 46
from hotel
  • 18 hole

Here you will find all golf courses in the Salzkammergut and all golf courses in the Salzburg area. All places are easily accessible from our hotel. A round of golf within one day is therefore child's play.

Water ski & e-boat rental

Only about 300 m from our hotel, directly on the lake promenade towards the town center one of the most traditional water ski schools in the Salzkammergut there is Wolfgang Stadler's Water Ski School. Here you can not only quickly learn water skiing as a beginner, but also as a professional you can enjoy pleasurable turns on the lake - if you wish, even in the existing buoy course.

You can also rent e-boats on site or just visit the charming water ski school bar right on the lake promenade.

Surfing, sailing, wingfoiling,...

700 m from our hotel to the west Sports Camp Raudaschlis located. It's right on the pier of the sailmaking-company of the well-known sailor and 10-time Olympia-participant Hubert Raudaschl . Today it is owned and run by his son Florian Raudaschl together with Josi Schenner & team . It was founded in the 70s by Walter Raudaschl , who was one of the first surfers and pioneers of these trendy sports in Austria.

It's not just because of these circumstances and many years of experience that you find here highly professional sailing and surfing instructors, state-of-the-art and high-quality equipment and a very special atmosphere.

Above all, it is the spirit of sport and lifestyle lived by everyone, that contributes so much to the good daily mood here.

It's best to just to stop by the SCR beach bar for a drink or coffee or visit the Website of the Sport Camp Raudaschl in advance to find out whatever you like.